Indoor Climbing

2nd October 2014 – Indoor Climbing


Our class chose to go indoor climbing in Petersberg. We met up at 9 am at school and arrived at the climbing hall at around 9:30 am. As soon as we entered the building, we could see the climbing walls through windows. At this point some of us already got excited. Before we were allowed to start climbing, we put on sports gear and gathered in the middle of the huge “room“ with the climbing walls. We were welcomed by our three coaches for this day: Tim, Chris & Britta.

They explained different things to us and showed us what must be done when and before you climb. We put on our safety belts and got together in groups of three. One person was climbing, one person served as the counterweight and looked after the rope, which always had to be tight and the last person held the other end of the rope. Before we were allowed to climb, one of the coaches went through the steps with us again. Every time before one of us started climbing, the coach also had to check if we got everything right and they brought the climber back to the ground again, but at the end of the two hours we were allowed to bring them down on our own. We had a lot of fun and at 11.30am all of us met up again and we said goodbye to our coaches and thanked them for the wonderful morning.

Lea and Rabea